Change of direction…

Denmark Street Management
Denmark Street Management

I took a tough decision this week regarding my representation, and decided to move on from my time at Denmark Street Management.

DSM is a co-operative actor’s agency, which has been in existence for nearly 30 years. It represents and is run by actors working in film, TV and theatre and I have been represented by them for a LONG time!

I want to thank everyone who has been with DSM since I joined for helping, supporting and being my agents, for nearly 10 years. I’ve likened being in a co-op to being part of a family… there are ups and downs, comings and goings, fun times and fraught times, but underlying it all a sense of respect, support and friendship. If you are considering representation you could do a lot worse than considering a co-op, and you would be hard pressed to find a better one than Denmark Street Management.

So a HUGE thank you to ALL my agents over the past 10 years who have given me lots of laughs, the odd tear, and have helped me get work. Thanks to Kathryn Hodges, Lenny Peters, Adam Dunseath, Simon Bridge, Susanna Northern, John Walters, Sam Chapman, Ola Rhodes, Mark Carlisle, Liz Carney, Catherine Turgoose,  Tom Underwood, Tom Burrows, Jessica Barnes, Sarah O’Leary, Rebecca Alexander, Stephen John Holgate, the late Stephen Webber, Graeme Messer, Glen Hill, Charlotte Thornton, Dan Maclane, Kerensa York, Julie Addy, Jennifer Mountain, Alistair Scott, Anna Brook, Heather McPake, Richard Roberts… and the current “batch” – Loz Keystone, Alexandre Ross, Robert Hazle, Felix Trench, Michael Keane, Shaun Morton, Pradeep Jey, Mark Middleton, Ian Crowe, Peter Cadden, John Sears, Shannon Rewcroft, Chandni Mistry, Tamar Karabetyan, Rosa Marie Lewis, Libby Liburd, Anna Tarsh, Lynn Robertson Hay and Pearl Marsland.

And onwards to the next chapter…

Lisa Hull Associates
Lisa Hull Associates


I’m really excited that I have been taken on my Lisa Hull Associates, a dedicated artist management and theatrical agency representing actors and creatives for stage, TV and film. @LisaHullAssoc

I have known Lisa for many years, and we have worked together on numerous shows, recording sessions, and concerts. I am really looking forward to working with Lisa and I’m sure we will have a long, happy and successful working relationship 🙂

There are already a few things pencilled in the diary for next year, so let’s hope that continues. Bring on the new start!

Sarah’s New Year treat…

No – it’s not Sarah trying out some inappropriate 70’s throw back makeup… she decided she should treat herself for New Year and try out a face pack. Well, a woman of Sarah’s age needs to do what she can to keep looking gorgeous 😉

Last week certainly felt like a long one, as it was one of our full “12 shows in 6 days” weeks. We all managed to make it to the end, but I can’t deny that I for one am very much enjoying having two whole days off for New Year! I know – part timers aren’t we?

Doing ‘Dick Whittington’ has been a real education for me in “audience chemistry”. It soon becomes quite clear that size isn’t everything (ooooer!) when it comes to how the audience responds, and to which characters and sections of the show they associate with the most. The clearest cut case is, unsurprisingly, the “schools” shows – where the theatre is filled predominantly with children, often quite young ones. They’re loud, they join in, they love it … but Sarah is a bit of a mystery to them I think! Odd man, dressing up as a woman, with a funny voice and saying stuff we don’t understand. Fair do’s!

Next up the audience ladder is the child-heavy (not heavy child…) matinee audience. It’s families, with their kids. But often quite young kids, and quite young children demand quite some attention! This can understandably distract the parents, so again clever word play and slick delivery …one hopes… can all go for a burton.

The quieter, adult-heavy (hmmm….) audiences suit me the best. They may not be the best at joining in all the audience participation, they may be a little hesitant and shouting at the baddie. But they’re quite good at listening, and seem to get the gags, which warms the cockles 🙂

I enjoy all the audiences in their own way, and each actor will have a very different take on each audience, so I guess as long as they go away having laughed and enjoyed it …then all’s well that ends well.

So now we head into our final two weeks at the Theatre Royal with a mere 24 performances remaining. We’ve been pretty full right across the Christmas period, but there are one or two seats available for some of the performances… and here is a little “heads up” – all tickets for the 5.30pm shows on the 4th and 12th Jan are only £12.00! How about THAT for a bargain 🙂 so get yourselves onto the website here or call 01284 769505 to book before they’re all snapped up.

See you soon…and I promise that Sarah will have sorted her makeup out before she gets back onstage!

Early start…

Early indeed! Spending my day off back at home is a treat, but getting up before the sun does in order to get back to Bury for a 10:00 a.m. show is anything BUT a treat. Hey ho, the things we do!

We have been open for just over a week now, and the show is going very well, with a great response from the audiences thus far. We’ve had the whole gamut from the morning “Schools” shows, to a quiter, more adult-heavy (not “heavy adult” necessarily!) mid-week show, to the full on “family” shows at the weekend. Each one has been great, but quite different in their turn.

Once the school kids have warmed up, you can be pretty certain it will be a lively, noisy affair. The more mature audience responds quite differently to the gags, falls, kissing and slop – but certainly “gets” Sarah’s one or two double entendre. During one of the weekend shows I don’t think there was a moment in which there weren’t at least a few kids shouting something about Rats…all part of the panto fun I guess!

We have had a few reviews since opening, and they have all been really positive about the show, which has been fab. You can take at look at the online version by clicking the links below:

I’ve also had a chance to re-visit a couple of skills I have picked up over the years. We had our BSL interpreted show last week, in which Sarah took the opportunity to have a very brief BSL chat with Ivan (the signer) to find out is name, and very quickly decide he was handsome and that she was in love! Hopefully that’s what she signed anyway…

And at the weekend, we had a few rows at the front of the auditorium peopled with high school students along with their Japanese exchange friends. Not necessarily what you’d think of as your ideal or most receptive Panto-going fodder. No doubt their English is pretty great, but I would imagine a lot of the goings-on in the show would make very little sense (not sure they do to me sometimes!) Needless to say they were a tad unresponsive from the get go. So Sarah took it upon herself to make them feel welcome, and proceeded to have a chat with them in Japanese. I’m not sure whether that made them even more confused…some weird English man, dressed as a woman, speaking to them in Japanese!?! But she seemed to get her message across, and I think the effort was appreciated 🙂

So it’s off to the theatre for 2 more shows today. There will be some differences happening later in the week – but that’s for another time!

You can follow all the latest bits of gossip from the cast by following the Twitter hashtag #DickWhittingtonBSE. Enjoy!

Dubrovnik day

Have traversed the city walls, I’ve now retired to a shady corner of Pred dvorom, just around the corner from the market, for a sit down and a cool drink.

The first time I visited the city a couple of months ago, it was chucking it down with rain, but the last few times it has been – as today – bathed in glorious, hot sunshine.

Being merely an amateur photographer, and perhaps not having THE most advanced equipment, the brightness does make it that bit harder to get good photos sometimes: the contrast between the light areas and the shadows is stark; all too easy to get over exposed snaps and so on. Still- it does make for some stunning colours, particularly the sky, the red tiled roofs, the worn, white stone streets, the clear blue of the water.

We only have one more trip to Dubrovnik, on our penultimate cruise, so I’m just wallowing in the atmosphere!

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Location:Pred dvorom,Dubrovnik,Croatia

Nature is a wonderful thing!

There are the odd times when you’re in a bad mood. Not for any particular reason- you just are.

And I can tell you, nothing can lift your spirits more than looking out into hhe sea and seeing a large pod of Dolphins swimming directly under you! Oh my goodness- it’s fantastic!!

I was outside on one of the open decks in the crew area, and hear ‘splashing’ in the water below. You can always hear the movement of water when the ship is steaming along, but this was a different splashing sound. I peered over rail to discover it was the sound of the dolphins leaping around below.

You often get to spot dolphins ( and sometimes whales…) from the ship, but because of the position of the deck I was on, they were playing around directly under me. It meant I could not only watch them leaping out of and diving back into the water, but could also see them as they swam under water – what an amazing sight.

Mood enhancer -nature’s way! 🙂

(PS – the photo is not mine. I didn’t have my camera with me, sadly. But enjoyed the moment nonetheless)

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Sunny Santa Cruz

We’re enjoying a daytime off on La Palma today. Gorgeous sunny day with a nice breeze which is keeping it cool enough to bare!

We have a show tonight- “Tropical Fever”, which should be interesting. At least it should be suitable weather for it, and the current bunch of passengers seem a good sort. 🙂

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Location:Av Marítima,Santa Cruz de La Palma,Spain

Complex Cobh

Cobh (Cove) is an interesting place. To be brutally honest- and no doubt I’ll be offending someone by saying this – but I think it seems to have more going for it in it’s past than in it’s present.

To be fair, today is a bit grey and damp, and nowhere benefits from that kind of backdrop. The town is a one-horse kinda place, with some pretty buildings and obviously situated on an impressive natural bay.

As it’s a Sunday, there is not much open other than the Churches and the convenience shops. So I am hunkered up in a local hotel to get my Wifi fix.

Although I had given up on the town, and heading back to the ship shortly I’ve just been accosted by Johnny, who was initially asking me about my iPad and turned out to be a very interesting guy. So we had a nice chat about computers, film stars and pulling pints. And as he’s a rare and antiquarian book seller, I have his email address in case I’m ever looking for anything!
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Location:Westbourne Pl,Cobh,Ireland