Day 9 (Rehearsals) – “Dick Whittington” Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

“Well…that’s Morocco done and dusted!” Sarah The Cook (2011)

And indeed it is. Well, for today anyway! We’ve been working through the show in some more detail this week and by the end of rehearsal today had got to the end of Act II, Scene 2 – which by all accounts is possibly (nay, probably) the longest single Panto scene ever created. Oh yes it is!…Oh no…oh, you know the rest! 🙂

It has been a beautiful day outside (see the proof) and that is perhaps one of the few downsides of rehearsals – or any point in the job when you are required to be inside…you do miss the sunshine. But seeing as it has started to get a tad chilly, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to be inside in the warm.

With the mega-scene worked through, that just leaves the final scene and the last sections of the show to work through, and then we will be running the show until we get into the theatre next week. There’s still a way to go, and adding on all the technical shenanigans will no doubt be “interesting“, but it’s feeling really good so far. Everyone is
Irving up to their characters, and Colin is helping us create what I think will be a great, fun, and funny Panto. Hope you’ve got your tickets booked?!?

We had the night off this evening, and spent a lovely time on our first official “Company Outing”. Hurrah. We congregated in a local hostelry and then wended our way to a nice restaurant in Bury. Good food, good company, good conversation and variable levels of alcohol intake! (None too extreme I should point out…)

Let’s see who is the tiredest for tomorrow’s rehearsal…

How time flies…

I find it hard to believe that the last post I made was not only 5 MONTHS AGO (umm….what?!?) and was written on a hot sunny day whilst wandering around Dubrovnik. Certainly seems like a lifetime ago now…

Well, Panto, various gigs, new headshots and lots of ‘water under the bridge’ not withstanding, I find myself getting back up to speed with things work-wise again, and have got around to reviving my Blog. My website will follow (…the reviving of, I mean…) and of course my random Twittering is ongoing.

Lots of exciting ventures coming up over the next few months, so that should give me plenty to write about.

And if that is not the case, then I will jolly well want to know why!