Rehearsals Day 1 – Over Excited!

Which is exactly how I felt as we were talked through the array of shows we will be doing onboard the Azura from April!

Today was the 1st day of rehearsals, and – a la the first day of school – we all gathered in the playground….ok, the green room – and introduced ourselves, compared mutual friends, discovered jobs we’d all done etc. and all this whilst being filmed for the documentary that is being prepared of the whole process.

Once all together, we had an little “introduction” to our rehearsal space, the choreographers and MD we’ll be working with, and then we were shown some little snippets of material for our onboard shows – which is where it really got exciting!

Not only does Azura boast an 850-seater, two-tiered theatre, it will be fully equipped with all the latest technology, so the shows can include all the staging effects you would expect to see in a West End theatre – and more.

There are a number of shows that are more dance-based, and a couple which are more singing-based so today the dancers focussed on one of their shows, and the singers set about learning our songs for our Motown show. It should be a good ‘un! This one will be performed in the lounge (we get to perform in the theatre, in the lounge and also up on deck on the outdoor stage around the pool – how cool is that!)

I’ve spent the evening pouring over my lyrics and music to start the process of getting it all in my head – wish me luck!