Well…here we are. Rehearsals are done and dusted, and now we’re in the thick of it – 80+ shows to do over the coming 7 weeks.
Along with a final Dress Rehearsal, today was our opening night, and it was a cracker! It made SUCH a difference having an audience – and a great audience at that! The people of Bury were clearly ready for some Panto fun, and they were with us all the way through. Having spent 3 weeks rehearsing the show you are fairly sure you know what you’re doing, and reasonably sure that the show is funny. But there’s just no knowing until people are there laughing at it!
Luckily, they did laugh; they booed; they hissed; they shouted out. All in the right places too (on the whole!)
We have 2 shows tomorrow, and also on Sunday before a welcome (and fairly well earned I think…) day off on Monday. I hope the audiences enjoy themselves as much this weekend as they did last night. There is a lovely blog post here written by one of the Theatre Royal’s “Tweeterati” (!) about our open Dress Rehearsal the other day – take a look. You even get a sneak preview of the finale!

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