This has to be a quickie….oooh, Missus!

I’m enroute to the theatre for our final day of technical rehearsals. The last three days have gone by in a bit of about to be honest, not a bad blur, just an eyelash, custard, crinoline, wig-wearing blur. Better than being bored though!

Monday daytime was spent working through all the musical numbers, as Peter (the composer) was at the theatre, so he was able to work with Grant (our Musical Director) checking the sound levels, cues, balancing and so on, and ensuring both parties were happy with things.

We also started the process of trying on our costumes so that Will (the designer) and Sarina (our costume designer and supervisor) got a chance to see them “on” and “on stage”. At this point some photographers from the local press and the theatre popped along to take some shots for the paper and marketing etc.

Here’s the first shot of the whole adult cast together on stage. A slightly ‘fabricated’ scenario in which lovers are town asunder, fairies weave their magic, and rats watch on with plague-fuelled devilment! (…something like that!…)

During the evening we began the process of “teching” the show from the top. It’s always a fairly drawn out process as there are lots of things to put together and get right. As at Wednesday evening we have managed to put the whole show togethers technically (hurrah!) and everything seems to work, and to be in place.

We now have a day to do 2 Dress Rehearsals and polish what we have, adding back in some acting! Fingers crossed. We have an open Dress Rehearsal this evening so will hopefully have some people in the audience to boost things a bit…rather vital for panto really. It’s hard delivering lines that start “Ohhhh, yes there is!….”


I’m fairly sure that that WON’T be the case from Friday night onwards. If it is, then I’ll wanna know why!?!

Come along and see the show at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds – performing 2x shows-a-day, 6 days-a-week, from this Friday 25th November right through until 15th January. Check out all the details on the theatre’s website (, and follow all the news on Twitter with hashtag #dickwhittingtonbse. See you there!

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