I think it is safe to say that writing blog pots at the end of the day is really not ideal…there is just a tad too much “stuff” flying around your brain after a long day of rehearsing to even string a coherent sentence together, never mind write about it all! Maybe I should consider writing them first thing in the morning and see how close I get to what actually happens during the day. Hmmm, a thought! 🙂

We’ve had another couple of fairly full but productive days in the rehearsal studio, with. Number of the “set piece” sections being tackled…I’m sure you’ll know the type of thing…suffice to say there is noise, mess and whole bunch of gags thrown in.

We’ve also been working through the remainder of the musical numbers with Grant, and polishing the ones we know (or rather ‘should’ know) as well. Lee has been putting the musical numbers ““on their feet” such as the one that I took a snap of today – Hannah (Alice Fitzwarren), Tony (Alderman Fitzwarren) with Martin & Vivky (Fitzwarren’s shop assistants) discussing various virtues of each favoured method of “rodent control”. Another great number written Peter White.

Of course ALL the numbers are great, and there’s a mixture of well healed tunes that people will already know (with our twist put on them of course…I mean, any of Sarah’s “operatic” renditions could well be described as ground-breaking, if not definitive!) along with all the songs that Peter has written for this production. As a bit of an MT luvvie, it’s much more interesting working with new material…just like being in a musical. Hurrah!

And so…onwards! Act II is well under way now, and we will have blocked the whole script by the end of play of Friday. In theory! We’re all praying we manage to hold it together until we’ve done a run-thru on Saturday…we may get some time off for good behaviour 🙂

(…and watch out for more posts on Facebook and Twitter…there may well soon be a new addition to my I.T. family…)

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