What a joy to see some of the performances (especially the fantastic Angela Lansbury) on The Olivier Awards this evening…

And what a travesty the BBC’s coverage on television was! Particulalry during the first half. Not sure why you would go the expense, and overcome the logistic issues of setting up to broadcast from the awards, and then spend HALF of the time cutting to a cupboard with Paul Gambaccini and various guests, often being interviewed whilst – I would warrant – MORE interesting things were happening on stage. Very odd.

The world is a tough place at the moment for many areas, of course, including the Arts. What with inevitable cuts and squeezes on budgets looming, when a clear opportunity occurs to promote, support, celebrate and encourage live theatre arises without ‘extra effort’, surely it doesn’t take much presence of mind to make the most of it?

Everything was in place, and yet the coverage was – at best – variable.

There. Rant over. Congratulations to all those nominate and all the winners. Some great performances on the night, and I really enjoyed seeing the musical numbers – of course! Angela Lansbury clearly proved why she has been a respected performer for so long, and she can certainly still cut it.

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