Have traversed the city walls, I’ve now retired to a shady corner of Pred dvorom, just around the corner from the market, for a sit down and a cool drink.

The first time I visited the city a couple of months ago, it was chucking it down with rain, but the last few times it has been – as today – bathed in glorious, hot sunshine.

Being merely an amateur photographer, and perhaps not having THE most advanced equipment, the brightness does make it that bit harder to get good photos sometimes: the contrast between the light areas and the shadows is stark; all too easy to get over exposed snaps and so on. Still- it does make for some stunning colours, particularly the sky, the red tiled roofs, the worn, white stone streets, the clear blue of the water.

We only have one more trip to Dubrovnik, on our penultimate cruise, so I’m just wallowing in the atmosphere!

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Location:Pred dvorom,Dubrovnik,Croatia

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