Complex Cobh

Cobh (Cove) is an interesting place. To be brutally honest- and no doubt I’ll be offending someone by saying this – but I think it seems to have more going for it in it’s past than in it’s present.

To be fair, today is a bit grey and damp, and nowhere benefits from that kind of backdrop. The town is a one-horse kinda place, with some pretty buildings and obviously situated on an impressive natural bay.

As it’s a Sunday, there is not much open other than the Churches and the convenience shops. So I am hunkered up in a local hotel to get my Wifi fix.

Although I had given up on the town, and heading back to the ship shortly I’ve just been accosted by Johnny, who was initially asking me about my iPad and turned out to be a very interesting guy. So we had a nice chat about computers, film stars and pulling pints. And as he’s a rare and antiquarian book seller, I have his email address in case I’m ever looking for anything!
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Location:Westbourne Pl,Cobh,Ireland

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