Complex Cobh

Cobh (Cove) is an interesting place. To be brutally honest- and no doubt I’ll be offending someone by saying this – but I think it seems to have more going for it in it’s past than in it’s present.

To be fair, today is a bit grey and damp, and nowhere benefits from that kind of backdrop. The town is a one-horse kinda place, with some pretty buildings and obviously situated on an impressive natural bay.

As it’s a Sunday, there is not much open other than the Churches and the convenience shops. So I am hunkered up in a local hotel to get my Wifi fix.

Although I had given up on the town, and heading back to the ship shortly I’ve just been accosted by Johnny, who was initially asking me about my iPad and turned out to be a very interesting guy. So we had a nice chat about computers, film stars and pulling pints. And as he’s a rare and antiquarian book seller, I have his email address in case I’m ever looking for anything!
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Location:Westbourne Pl,Cobh,Ireland

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

I’ve just been sitting in the Rose garden next to the Rosenborg Palace, and it’s truly beautiful. The weather is stunning today – clear, blue skies; bright, warm sunshine. Something of a “Mary Poppins” moment, with the scent of the rose bushes wafting around, and little scurries of sparrows taking a wee dust bath in the gravel path at my feet. Just remove the tourist hordes, and it would be perfect! 😉

Both times that we’ve visited Copenhagen we’ve had lovely weather, so my opinion of the city may be coloured by that somewhat… but it’s another great European city.

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Location:Kongens Nytorv,Copenhagen,Denmark

Hot in Helsinki

…well, actually I’m fairly cool at the moment! Sitting in the shade with an iced coffee, so I’m keeping out of the sun for a while.

We’re docked in Helsinki, Finland today and as we were unable to get off last time we visited, it’s great to have a chance to explore the city a little.

Having read the tourist blurb on the little guide book, it appears (and actuality confirms) that Helsinki is quite a ‘modern’ city – historically, the main available building material being wood, which has, on the whole, been lost to fires over the years – with the bulk of the architecture being constructed in the past century or so. No doubt there are notable exceptions, but I’ve sadly not got many hours to root them out!

Neil and I are doing our cabaret tonight, so we have a sound check with the band later this afternoon. Just time to finish coffee, and snap a few more photos before heading back. A day at sea tomorrow, so you can bet it’ll rain!!

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Location:Centralgatan, Helsinki, Finland

Easing round Estonia

We’re in Tallinn today – and it’s fab. Enjoying wandering around the old town and snapping happily away at all the mediaeval architecture and little squares, towers, minarets and so on- really pretty.

I’m currently sat in the gardens at the foot of St Nicholas’ Church (Niguliste) enjoying the sun and the free wifi provided by the local council (take note!) I’ve withdrawn 250EEK (Estonian Kroons) and have not really checked the exchange rate, so have little idea what it’s worth… So I think I need to grab some lunch in a cafe somewhere and find out!

Off to St Petersburg tomorrow, and it will be the 1st time I’ve managed to get ashore there, so I’m looking forward to it.

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Super Stockholm

Well, I’ve enjoyed it here- the last time I was in Stockholm was over 20 years ago on a visit with the Scouts (yes, I was a Scout!) and I don’t really remember much about the city.

It’s great though- lots going on, plenty of history, fab architecture, lots of parks and open spaces…love it 🙂

Sadly we only have a few hours to enjoy it, but I think I’d like to come back and spend a bit more time.

Off to Estonia tomorrow and a stop in Tallinn…

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Location:Regeringsgatan,Stockholm urban area,Sweden

Morning in Kristiansand

We’re docked in Kristiansand, Norway this morning. Only for half-a-day, so I managed to force myself up this morning, and off the ship by 8:30… Quite impressive for me!

It’s a pretty town, and the weather today is stunning, so I wandered through the town, along the river, around the forest, by the Harbour -the works!

The town was empty this mooring, what with it being a Sunday I imagine, and it was beautifully peaceful. A little less peaceful now as about 3,000 cruise passengers have descended. Hey ho.

Heading back on board now… But maybe and ice cream first 😉

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Location:Markens gate,Kristiansand,Norway