Ummm, where did that month-and-a-half go?? I’m not sure… well, I do have an idea – it’ll have gone on doing shows and rehearsing quite a lot!!

We’re actually on our 4th cruise now (it’s named A0005, but our 1st ‘real’ cruise, the maiden voyage, was A002 – get it?) and the time is racing by. Although we manage to jump off the ship every now and then (not literally!) and run to an internet cafe (!) tt’s been pretty tough work at times, as there is such a lot of material to learn, and then get each show up and running in the theatre. We’re working on our 7th show this coming cruise, with 2 more still to do. It’s great to have the variety of material, but it does lead to some slight brain freezes at times!

“My Generation” is what will be keeping us busy for this next cruise, along with some pre-rehearsals on the vocals for “Reel To Reel” and “Tropical Fever”. I must admit, given some of the weather we have had on the 1st few cruises, I hope we wait a while for “Tropical Fever” as it’s our outdoor deck show. Brrrrr!

Although we won’t have much time to see them, this cruise is our 1st ‘Baltic’ cruise, which is one I’m really looking forward to, as it includes some cities and I’ve never visited, and ends up at St Petersburg, which is very exciting. Hopefully when we re-visit this cruise later in the year I’ll be able to spend some time ashore and get a feel for the places.

Neil & I managed to get our cabaret spot up and running on this last cruise, which was great fun. It was a little nerve-wracking at times, but we got through it. We were accompanied by the fabulous boys from Jet Set, which certainly helped as we knew we could rely on them (except perhaps for the odd ‘segue’!) The response and comments from the audience after the show were really encouraging, so we’ll look forward to doing it on some future cruises as well.

I am going to attempt to do some more blogging from now on (not sure how I’ll fit it in… I can but try!) so hopefully it’ll be a little more frequent than once ever month!!

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