We gave our “show off” of Destination Dance today – so as it’s likely that has been put to bed for a while, I thought now would be a good opportunity to include some more piccies.

Obviously, trying to do a bit of a David Bailey (or was it Bellamy?!) means that I don’t get the chance to snap during all the numbers – or ANY that I’m in… so here’s a selection of some that I have managed!

(Here’s Sara being flung around by Scott and Daniel during the jive number…)

(… and then Scott doing something similar to Holly in the Irish.)

(Whoever would have thought we’d end up with the Virgin Mary’s sister in rehearsals!)

(Something very spooky happening to Valerie’s head…)

(A lot of skirt action in the Bolero)

(Valerie getting to grips with her hips…)

(A little slice of Africa in south London)

(Feeling it – Sara strikes a pose)

(As if we were in Spain… thanks Steph!)

(Neil giving it “Latin” in his big head…)

(Daniel showing the girls the RIGHT way to wear a dress…)

(Dom unconvinced as Charles and I have a moment)

(A little last minute revision of ‘Nightingale’ with Leigh)

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