Rehearsals Day 15 – Ease on down the road

Ouch… everything is aching now. I’m sure in some way it’s good for me… but I’m yet to be convinced by that!! I think perhaps after a hot bath I may feel differently 🙂

It’s been a day of cleaning and running “Destination Dance” today, with a little “Hitsville USA” thrown in. We’ve set the whole of the dance show now, which is nice to be able to get a feel for the whole thing. And of course we need to get used to doing it repeatedly, as once we’re on board any evening we are performing we will be doing the show 3 times. That’s should certainly help with the keeping fit!

We will be showing the material we’ve learned to some visitors from “the office” (as in our bosses, and not the TV sitcom!) tomorrow, so we have been polishing the various sections, and also smartening up the Motown numbers we worked on during the first week. It seems like a lifetime ago already…

I took a few photos yesterday, but you’ll have to wait for those until I retrieve my cable to get them online. I know – I am normally a little more organised.. maybe next week?

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