Rehearsals Day 12 – Piling it on…

Yes – I know there was no “Day 11”, but you’ll have to get used to that. I was far too tired to write anything on Friday night!!

Today was the last day of week 2, and we are getting towards the end of “Destination Dance” – just a couple of numbers to get through now. A lot of the day was taken up with the guys learning the Bolero section (which I don’t feature heavily in… probably for the best!) and then doing a run through for Steve of everything we’ve done on the show so far.

I can’t deny feeling a few aches and pains on getting up and travelling into work over the past couple of days – it’s my age, clearly! I think mainly brought on by the hoe-down stuff we’ve been doing. Oddly, it’s actually only about 3 minutes of material, but feels like much longer when you’re in the middle of it and the legs are having difficulty keeping up with the brain, which is having difficulty keeping up with the music. It’ll get better I’m sure, but I am slightly worried that with all that concentration going on I had the classic “rabbit in the headlights” face on for most of it!

(OK… Rabbit, Monkey – same difference! )

A couple more days on this show for next week, and then – following another run through of the show – we will be moving onto the next one. Crikey. 3rd show in as many weeks. No chance to get bored that’s for sure!

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