New song sung…

Along with the various bits and bobs I’ve been up to lately (The WestEnders ; You Don’t Bring Me Flowers etc) I have managed to fit in recording a couple of songs for composer Mike Buck, with lyrics by Nicol Walsh.

One of the numbers I did is here, titled ‘Kiss, and Say Goodbye’, which I particularly like – even if I do say so myself! It’s an un-edited version at the mo, but I think it’s a very pretty song.

Have a listen if you get a minute. The other songs are on my website in the Recording section… if you have more minutes!

Looking for Buddy…

I’m about to head off up to Newcastle this afternoon to attend a performance of ‘Looking For Buddy’, as I will be Audio Describing the show at the beginning of June.

The website says: “Directed by Mark Babych and written by one of the country’s most entertaining playwrights, Jarrow born Alan Plater Looking for Buddy is a witty jazz musical set in present day Tyneside.

Starring one of Live Theatre’s founding members Tim Healy and featuring an original score provided courtesy of critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Alan Barnes this is an experience not to be missed.”

Sounds interesting! You can find details about the show at Live! Theatre’s website here. If you’ve no idea what Audio Describing is – the have a read of the See-A-Voice website, as they were the organisation involved in my training as a describer.

Oop north again

I’m currently sat in the Art Gallery at Eastwood Park Theatre in Glasgow. Oh yes – it’s all go! (You can always rely on ‘Actors On Tour’ to search out the free Wifi – Lauren and Lisa Marie are a case in point!)

We’re just killing time before a performance of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, which is the last in a little run of them this week. We’re sold out tonight, which is always great, so we’re looking forward to it.

Right – gotta get backstage and get ready. No rest for the wicked!