We got nothing to be guilty of…

I’m heading down to London this morning to start our second week of rehearsals for “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”. It’s a show celebrating the music of Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand – I’m mainly focussing on the former of course! (Although it became very evident that I knew much more of Ms Streisand’s work than Mr Diamond’s!)

We started rehearsals last Sunday, and have been working through the material and learning the songs since then. The cast is fab (got to say that in case they read this!) and we’re in two “teams”, as there are quite a lot of gigs over the coming months and for any shows where one “team member” isn’t available, then there is another one of us to step in. “We” are myself, Tim Harwood, Sean Needham, Angus Macmillan, Lauren Harrison, Lisa-Marie Holmes, Debbie Chapman & Katie Paine…. a fine group of songsters 🙂

The format of the show is similar to those that I do with The WestEnders, which is great for me as it’s something I’m very used to. A little less “Musical Theatre” this one, but noentheless!

The show brings together most of the best loved songs from Diamond & Streisand – most of which you’d know and be able to hum along to…. just don’t do it in hte quiet ones! I get to do Cracklin’ Rose, I Am, I Said, Love On The Rocks, Jerusalem, Cherry, Cherry, You Don’t Being Me Flowers – to name but a few. It’s a bit of a new “repertoire” for me, and it’s great to be doing something a little bit ‘out of the norm’ vocally.

We open a week on Tuesday (3rd March) in Epsom, then onto Hayes the next night, and then continue later on in the months at venues all over the country. The website – www.youdontbringmeflowers.biz – has all the details, dates, venues etc. – so why not come along and see us!