A show of a different flavour…

Up in Newcastle for the day today, at Northern Stage for my first visit to “Hansel & Gretel”, the show I will be Audio Describer for on the 3rd Jan 2009, with my colleague Veronica.

For those of you who don’t know Audio description in theatre “is a live verbal commentary providing information on the visual elements of a production as it unfolds. It describes action that is essential to an understanding of the play’s story, as well as other visual information such as the style and design of a production, facial expressions, and visual jokes that a blind or partially sighted member of the audience might otherwise miss. The description is delivered in-between the dialogue of a performance and is picked up by the audience member wearing a special lightweight headset which is easy to use.” (from the Vocal Eyes website).

Earlier in the year I qualified, with a group of 4 other describers, to be the Audio Describing team available for the Newcastle theatres (Northern Stage, LIVE! Theatre and Theatre Royal). We’ve worked on a number of shows during training, and now have been unleashed on an unwitting public!

So, if you happen to know anyone who might enjoy or benefit from an Audio Described performance in Newcastle – please let them know. If it’s something they’ve not experienced, then they should give it a go – it can make the world of difference.

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