Straightforward 3 step plan…

I spent today (well – most of it) filming my first commercial. And for a subject that’s very near (if not dear!) to my heart… Debt! 😉

I was filming an upcoming commercial for “Debt Free Direct”, due to be aired from Jan 5th on UK channels… so keep your eyes out! It was quite a good day to be honest, and although – as ever with filming – there was a fair chunk of sitting around doing nothing, I quickly chummed up with my co-Actors (Michelle & Isabelle) and we spent the day have a bit of a laugh and moaning about…well, all sorts of stuff!

It was a bit of an early start (well, I reckon any day where you have to get up before the sun is EARLY!) but we of course there was some suitably fortifying catering laid on for Breakfast… here’s Michelle enjoying one of the slightly healthier options! The first couple of hours were spent setting up the ‘set’, getting into wardrobe and make-up, sorting out some shots for the first couple of scenes, and filming the first section of the script. This was down to the girls, so I just left them to it.

I finally managed to first get on camera (well… the back of my head at least – a prize to anyone who spots it if it makes the final cut!) just before lunch whilst we were doing some wide shots for under voiceover bits and pieces. Lots of dramatic “call centre” acting going on from all involved. And kudos to Isabelle for struggling on. Just before these scenes she’s bitten into a particularly chewy “Drumstick” (… the sweets – not t he chicken legs!…) and her crown popped out! Bless. Lots of sympathy from the production crew (“Are you in pain?? Can I check your profile…??”)

The whole cast and crew decamped to a Thai restaurant for lunch – Pad Thai 45x – and then headed back onto set for “my” section. I’d been lumbered with the longer stretch of text, and whilst – when you look at it – it’s only a couple of lines, could I get it into my head?!?! Could I buffalo! We got there in the end though, and the clients seemed happy enough.

And that, as they say, was that. I pinched a bit more from the catering trays to last me on the journey home, and I was off. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, and I’ll have bit more of this in the future. Roll on Jan 5th!

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