Mad few days…

… and I’m not still going on about the Mental Asylum!!

It’s just been a bit of a busy week or so. Last Sunday was the concert in aid of Hillcrest AIDs Foundation in South Africa, which went very well. I will try and post some video clips at some point. Watch this space.

Then the rest of the week went something like this:

  • Monday – WestEnders rehearsals in London for our Corporate gig and new material (we also launched the new-look website)
  • Tuesday – Filming at the abandoned Mental Asylum (for the “Heads & Tales” short film) – see the earlier post I did.
  • Wednesday – Recording in the studios in Lincoln for my first ever radio play – “Voices in your Head”. Hopefully this will be broadcast on Siren FM in the New Year.
  • Thursday – Half day of work at my Agency; a casting for a commercial; a private gig for a Birthday Lunch in London.
  • Friday – I spent the day working at Denmark Street Management (my Agency)
  • Saturday – Filming the ‘blue screen’ shots for “The Awakening” short film in Lincoln, then dashing down to London and singing for the WestEnders at a Wedding ceremony.
  • Sunday – Filming on location the remaining scenes for “The Awakening”

Phew! … and I bought my Christmas Tree today as well (from Fillingham Trees) – a live one of course!

The most exciting news is that, following the casting on Thursday, I’ve been cast in the commercial for “Debt Free Direct”. It’s my first commercial, so I’m very excited! Don’t expect too much though people – I will probably only be on screen for a few seconds as there are only a couple of lines… but it’s a start. I shall wait for the phone to start ringing…

And this week is more of the same – busy, busy, busy. Can’t complain. Filming all day tomorrow on “Heads & Tails”; Filming the commercial for “Debt Free Direct” in London on Tuesday; Travelling to Newcastle on Wednesday for my initial visit for Audio Describing “Hansel & Gretel” at Northern Stage; Filming again in Lincoln, and possibly some location recording for the radio play “Voices In Your Head”; Friday is half-a-day at my Agency, then a corporate gig with the “WestEnders”, then Saturday is the first couple of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall with Capital Voices doing “White Christmas”.

Not sure how many miles that clocks up to be… any ideas?!

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