I spent most of my time in a Mental Asylum today. Although I’m sure there are some who would say that’s a good place for me (!) I wasn’t a patient, but was on a film location.

I’ve been shooting a short film entitled “Heads And Tails” for Invision Films up in Lincoln, and the above mentioned place of care – hehehe – was one of our locations. Probably the most interesting location in the film, as the other scenes take place in the slightly more ‘every day’ situations… a Cafe, the street, a meadow etc.

We were at the disused St John’s Hospital at Bracebridge Heath, which appears to currently be under renovation, so we were quite lucky to be filming there I guess as it probably won’t be there (in it’s current form) much longer. It has been the focus of some Paranormal Investigation (Lincs Paranormal Research Team – Most Haunted eat yer heart out!) and has also been the subject of numerous photo shoots and the like.

Luckily, I was only involved in one shot at St John’s – pity the other actors who were stuck in a FREEZING cold, derelict building for the best part of the day. A day filled often with snow and pretty darn cold winds. Brrrrrrrr. The Angel was somewhat mollified when she could feel the warmth of the lights that were placed very close to her!

This is the second film I’ve started work on recently, so it’s great to be involved in a few different projects. The crew have a few more shoot days this week, and I will be shooting some more days with them next week – which I’m looking forward to.

As long as I can keep out of the Asylum till then!

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