Angela Lansbury…

… is a star! What a gorgeous woman.

We were lucky enought o be singing in a concert last night – Jerry Herman’s Broadway – at the Palladium in aid of CRUSAID, and Ms Lansbury was the headliner.

I knew the audience would love her, which they proved with huge applause for her entrance. She was ‘narrating’ the programme, and did a fine job. And not bad considering she will be 83 this year! If I’m still going then, I can only hope to be as lively, and engaging as she still is. (Can you tell I’m a bit smitten?!)

Angela came over to us whilst we were rehearsing yesterday afternoon, and told us how much she was enjoying what were doing, and that she wished she was over on ‘our side’ of the stage with us! Bless her 🙂

A friend of mine was help Angela throughout the day and ‘looking after’ her, and said that she was just a delight to be with, and a real star.


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