Time flies…

… and you realise that you haven’t blogged for getting on for 2 months! Aaargh!

Well. What has happened in those couple of months?

– I’ve done an “emergency” gig with the WestEnders. When I say “emergency”, the gig itself wasn’t an emergency per se, but one of the guys was ill, and luckily enough I was just throwing my nephew down a slide at the playground when they called. Dashed down to Sussex (no I didn’t just leave my Nephew at the playground!) and we did a lovely outdoor corporate gig. It was fab seeing all the guys again – it’s been ages. Looking forward to doing some more in the New Year when I’ve hung up my Nazi jackboots.

– We had a weeks refresher rehearsals for the show, and played two weeks in Southampton, and have just come to the end of our 3 weeks in sunny Milton Keynes, land of the roundabouts!!

– Glasgow and Cardiff still remaining, and then…. who knows! We’ll see. I have a concert with the WestEnders in November and I’m looking forward to doing the ‘White Christmas’ concerts at the Albert Hall in December. Gets me in the Christmas mood.

Well – I’m off to have our final rehearsal with Allan Stewart – who’s taking over as Roger in the show in Glasgow. Heading up to Scotland this weekend, to the Kings Theatre which is going to be a bit of a squeeze … wish us luck!