I had a lovely day yesterday, getting back into the world of my session singing chums.

Whilst doing a big show is very much the favourite side to my career, the next in line is the session singing/backing vocals kind of area – and considering that they both involve singing and performing, they couldn’t be more different! It’s always a very different dynamic with a group like this, compared to a purely “musical theatre” lot, I suppose mainly as we are under pressure to be very hot musically and vocally, as that’s the focus of what we’re there for.

That isn’t always there when you’re doing a ‘show’, and I enjoy the fact that we all have to concentrate and work hard at the real specifics of the sound we’re making – no “approximating” here!

We were rehearsing for a Radio 2 gig which we’re recording on Sunday – an Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala, which is going to be fun. As it says on the Radio 2 website it’s his latest “Top Ten” – a decade of his most recent productions. With music from the new shows he’s written and those he’s revived and produced, including: “Bombay Dreams”, “Whistle Down the Wind”, “The Beautiful Game”, “Tell Me On A Sunday”, “The Woman in White”, “Evita”, “The Sound of Music” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”.

The usual array of stars are involved as well, including Connie & Lee, Denise Van Outen (who is presenting the show), Elena Roger, Stephen Gately and Duncan James. Out of that lot we didn’t have Lee or Stephen yesterday, but everyone should be wheeling out for Sunday’s recording!

There are more details on the Radio 2 Website if you want to catch the broadcast next Friday.

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