Grotty old day..

I’m currently sat in an internet cafe in Glasgow avoiding the HIDEOUS weather out side!

What am I doing in Glasgow I hear you ask. Well, I spent last night visiting some friends in Sunderland who are doing “Scrooge” there at the moment, and who I worked with on the show last year. That was fun, and rather odd seeing the show again from an ‘audience’ point of view. More on that next time.

I’ve nipped over to Glasgow to see my chum Cameron flying about the stage as Peter Pan this evening – which should be interesting! Seeing as he’s such a Scottish Star I’m sure the audience will love him 😉

I have a lot to update for the past few weeks – more Sweeney Todd news, The Producers closing in the West End, preparations for the tour and so on. I shall leave that until I am back on my computer at home.

That’s all for now. Scottish correspondent signing off.