Musical of Musicals…

For anyone who happens to be in London, has a bit of an interest in Musical Theatre and hasn’t yet seen “The Musical of Musicals – The Musical!” .. GO AND SEE IT!!!

It’s brilliant! I haven’t laughed so much at the theatre for a long time. Now – I will be the first to admit that if you don’t know your subject material you may well not “get” all of it. It is quite specific with quite a lot of ‘in’ jokes focussing on the various composers that the piece parodies. But even any of you with a passing interest in the genre will find it great fun.

It was also cool because a number of people I’ve worked with before are in the cast (Joanna Ampil who I did a concert tour of Malaysia with; Ian McLarnon who was in the opening concerts for the Cardiff Millenium centre; and Geoff Abbott who I have just finished performing in Scrooge with) which is always nice.

It only runs until the 22nd April so get a ticket now if you fancy a laugh. And although, having read this back to myself, it sounds like I’m on a commission – I’m not – honest! The website is here so go,go,go!