Silence in Golden Square

We have just come in from observing the 2 minutes silence to remember the victims of last weeks bomb attacks in London.

I have to admit that it was really quite emotional to be stood outside with 100s of others in Golden Square in the centre of London – absolute silence from all concerned, and with no traffic racing past. I normally don’t have a lot of faith in ‘human nature’, especially when atrocities like last weeks attacks happen, but it certainly restores that to some degree when you are part of something as simple as observing a silence and you can sense that everyone is of one mind about it.

Along with everyone with any shred of decency and humanity it was pretty appalling to watch the goings on last Thursday, and hard not to just want the worst for the people who organised and went through with such a hideous act.

But the strength of character of the victims last week, of those around helping them, and then the rest of us determined to carry on as usual, certainly felt like quite a unifying force against the perpetrators. Jokes of the British “stiff upper lip” aside, it felt good to stick two fingers up to those who had hoped to destroy and corrupt daily life.