Start of a new year.

Happy New year 🙂

It is being quiet so far – but I have no problem with that! Running up to Christmas and the holiday season was quite busy, so a breather is ok… assuming it picks up again!

Just before New Year I was singing with Capital Voices in a “Rodgers & Hammerstein” concert at the Barbican with Claire Moore and Graham Bickley as soloists. It was great fun actually – if a little scary. We had quite a score to read, including a few solo numbers for the group and some fairly complex bits. All good fun though, and helped to blow the Christmas cobwebs away when you have to really concentrate on the music (although, since then I have been to have my eyes tested as I was sure they were failing during that concert – maybe I am just out of practise looking at so many dots!)

Looking forward I have a smattering of concerts coming up with the WestEnders from February onwards, and I’ve also been in discussion with a composer about the launch of a new piece he is writing which might mean some more travelling this year. Fingers crossed!

Add to that a couple of sessions, and some castings coming up, it’s shaping up OK so far.

…but then it is only the 7th

[The eyes are fine by the way – 20/20!]