Finally winding down

It’s been a bit of weekend. I have just got back from Birmingham after the last of the “White Christmas” concerts that I was involved in with Capital Voices. In the past 4 days I have performed in London, then Retford, then London again and finally Birmingham. I’m not complaining of course (!) but it will be nice to spend a while not having to drive 100s of miles every day.

Friday’s reading of the new show “The Silk Handkerchief” at the Royal Academy went well. We had one rehearsal the preceding weekend, and then performed for an audience of about 20 people. There were one or two ‘hairy’ moments as the lack of any real rehearsal time catches up with you and you slip in to panic mode – which I am sure an audience can see come over a performer, as the eyes glaze over for a second and the appearance of a rabbit caught in headlights comes on!! – but nothing too major. Hopefully it will have given the writers something to work with and take the show further.

The last minute job for the WestEnders was also lots of fun. I haven’t seen most of the team for a while as they have been working away on the QE2 for a month. (Sad to say they were all VERY suntanned, and I looked decidedly pasty next to them. Maybe I feel a sunbed coming on!) I was doing a track in the show which I haven’t done before, which kept things interesting. Luckily I have done the show enough times for it to be fairly easy to adjust what I normally do and work in the positions and the harmonies of the ‘other’ boy’s show. The Majestic Theatre in Retford was quite pretty, the staff were all very helpful, and the WestEnders now own their own mics so the sound was great too.

And of course, doing the “White Christmas” concerts at the Albert Hall and the Symphony Hall in B’ham is great fun, and a fab way to lead up to Christmas. I have been to see them in the audience in the past as you can’t beat a good sing to get you in the Festive spirit!

The next thing is not until the 29th December now for a Rodgers & Hammerstein celebration at the Festival Hall… need to get Christmas out of the way first!

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