I’ve just been asked if I can make it up to Retford to do a show with the WestEnders this Saturday. It’s a bit last minute, but luckily it will fit in quite nicely – between the workshop this Friday of Silk Handkerchief and the White Christmas concert on Sunday.

The WestEnders have actually only just got back from an engagement on the QE2 – doing the South America itinerary. I decided this time round not to do the cruise with them, although there has been a number of times whilst they were away (for nearly a month… in the sun!) that I have wondered if I made the right decision! The last time we were booked for a month on a ship it did become quite difficult, being away from home for so long.

But when you’re stuck in the UK… in the rain… not working… a few weeks performing on the QE2 doesn’t seem half so bad!

Anyway, the show is in Retford, Notts. at the Majestic Theatre – so if you’re in the area, do come along! I’ll leave the rest of the gang up there to head off to Wales for their next gig on Sunday, whilst I head back down south ready for the Albert Hall. Busy, busy, busy!

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